Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Web comics

Everyone should embrace their inner nerd and read comics once in a while. Now you can do it for free with many quality web comics available. So what makes a good web comic?

  • Ninjas?

  • Pirates?

  • Colour?

  • Dinosaurs?

  • Zombies?

  • Gorilla medical secretaries?

  • Giants?

  • Spooky forests?

  • Mean parents?

  • Medicine?

One web comic has all of these in the one story (well except zombies that comes in another story, oh...I lied about being in colour, their in high quality black & white). Welcome to the world of The Adventures of Dr.McNinja, he is a doctor who is also a ninja. It's best to start with the first story.

Wikipedia tells me that Dr. McNinja won the 2007 Web Cartoonist's Choice Award for Outstanding Superhero / Action Comic.

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