Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Google street view car in Brisbane!

I have some actual news. I've just seen the Google "street view" maps car in Brisbane taking pictures of the suburb of Wilston. I tried to follow it but lost it when I got stuck behind a moving van. So fellow Brisbanites, get out your signs and prepare your silly faces and take to the streets.

The google car is a small white car with a stand on the top and in small writing it has google written on the front doors. The car was a white Ford Fiesta, Toyota Corolla or similar model (not the newest models).


Ben said...

I scoped the Brisbane Times (internet based news site for Brisbane) by two days. They show a picture of one of the cars being used in Brisbane.

Andrew said...

Google Street car...... ?

Ben said...

If you are looking for a link to google street view in Brisbane head here.