Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Internet goodness

The intertron can give you many feelings. Some wrong1 and some good.

Talking to people overseas for free using skype gives you that good "the world is so small, everything is so connected, I am skynet" feeling. It's been a while since I've felt that feeling, but using this and this have given it back to me.

Hey kidlets, what is wrong with the proposed logo for the UK Office of Governement Commerce?

Read about this marketing folly and bungled logo attempt here.

Thanks go to b3ta since I pinched all these links from their newsletter.

1Don't ever do an image search for "that's wrong"...bad things appear.


Andrew said...

I like Kitten wars... and the 'skynet' sites are really cool... also, the 'b3ta' hypertext seems to link to your blog.

Tinos said...

That site is a fraud! I made an anonymous Wikipedia edit and watched it like a hawk for 5 minutes, nothing!

Andrew said...

From the FAQ page:

Are all the edits displayed?

No. First of all, edits on wikipedia happen at a faster rate, than what is comfortably readable, so I have to skip some of them. Second, a good part of the edits are done by registered users. Their IP address is protected by wikipedia, therefore I could only display anonymous edits. Thirdly, those edits, where the IP address could not be located are skipped. Fourth, edits that are similar or identical to recent edits are often skipped. This still leaves more than enough to be visualized.